Justice and Mercy
September 5, 2007, 4:02 pm
Filed under: evangelism, mercy
This past Sunday, I preached on being Gospel-Centered in the community. The focus was on the place of ministries of justice and mercy at Immanuel. I didn’t give very many practical examples or suggestions, but spoke more on the principles behind such ministry.

When you try to think about doing justice as an individual you can
be quite overwhelmed with all the needs. Should you tackle slavery in the Sudan, child soldiers in Uganda, AIDS and fresh water wells in parts of Africa, child laborers in Asia, child prostitution in South America, hunger in North Korea or unwed mothers, drug addicts, fatherless children, failing public schools and elder abuse in the Chicago area alone? Before you get overwhelmed, stop and look where you are at right now. Where can you do justice and love mercy in your current situation? If you are a professional you could offer your services to those who really need it but can’t afford to pay for it (Lawyers and Doctors are great, but so are Accountants and Mechanics). For those of you in High School and under, at lunch time you can go and sit with the ‘loser kid’ who is all alone. Parents, maybe you could have your son’s friend from a broken home come and live with you. Perhaps you could show mercy by functioning as a foster parent or even adopting a child who is in need. You could mow your elderly neighbor’s yard or pay for someone to mow it. Perhaps go get their groceries when you get yours. If you are a student maybe you could baby sit for those who can’t afford it or help a parent care for their sick child. Some of you may even have the ability to help others find a place to live, help them buy a home and even find them some furniture to get settled. Jesus has shown grace to us in our destitute state so we must now show grace to those who need our help. Anybody can do something!

We can’t do everything, but we can all do something!


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On Labor Day (a day most people have off), I went to a home to help someone set up a laptop they had just bought. I honestly didn’t want to go and do it although it wouldn’t have been much trouble… it was MY day off!

I remembered your sermon on Sunday though. God’s given me skills and talents that is my responsibility to administer.

Something I’ve been thinking about since Sunday was how do these principles apply to Christians when it comes to environmentalism or personal experiences with strangers (whether to give homeless people handouts vs. charities that help the homeless).

Comment by Dy

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