September 10, 2007, 7:33 pm
Filed under: church, gospel

As Immanuel seeks to be a Gospel-centered church, here are some of the implications of that :

1. That we would read the whole Bible as the Gospel (a la Luke 24)
2. That we would preach and teach the Gospel to believers, not just unbelievers
3. That we would preach and teach the Gospel in every sermon and every lesson
4. That we would see the gospel as both the “milk” and the “meat” of God’s word
5. That we would study theology and doctrine to better understand the Gospel, because all theology is Gospel theology
6. That we would view the world, the church, and ourselves through the lens of the Gospel
7. That we would believe the Gospel can change anyone, including ourselves
8. That we would seek to solve all problems (personal, church, social) with the Gospel
9. That we would love others through the Gospel
10. That we would display the beauty of the Gospel by helping others in need through acts of mercy and generosity

As a church, we are learning how the Gospel is not just the entrance into the Christian life, but that it is the key to everything. Though this is a new way of seeing things for many in the church, my prayer is that the Lord would grant us the diligence to really pursue a deeper understanding and experience of the Gospel. Some have said, “It’s a lot to think about…”, or “It takes too much work…”, or “I’m too lazy…” But that’s when we have to remember Jesus’ call to love the Lord with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Lord, help us!


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