Do I Need Revival?
February 5, 2008, 6:57 pm
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I heard this recently in a sermon by James MacDonald :

Revival is needed when :

1. When prayer ceases to be a vital part of a professing Christian’s life.
2. When the quest for biblical truth ceases and one becomes content with the knowledge of Scripture already attained.
3. When earnest thoughts of the reality of eternity and the eternal condition of my lost loved ones ceases to move me.
4. When I do not rejoice in the blessing of God upon others, but struggle secretly with envy and resentment.
5. When aspirations for Christ-like holiness cease to dominate my life and thinking.
6. When I can hear the Lord’s name used in vain, and hear spiritual things being mocked, and not be moved to indignation.
7. When I can watch degrading movies and television and read morally inappropriate literature and not be deeply grieved in my heart.
8. When I find more delight in the promotion of discord than in working towards unity in God’s people.
9. When injustice and human misery exist all around me and I do little or nothing to relieve it.

Lord, send revival, and start with me…


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