Redemptive Language
July 25, 2008, 3:19 pm
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I came across this promotional video for the 2008 Desiring God National Conference.  It gives good insight into how we are to determine what is appropriate language.  WARNING : It contains some four-letter-language that isn’t always appropriate to  teach its point.

The bottom line : the ultimate determinant for proper language isn’t vocabulary, for even “acceptable” words can be used with improper intent/motive.  Instead, whatever we say, we are to say it for the redemptive good of another.  This definitely calls for an even higher standard of speech than we are used to.  Think back even upon the past 24 hours…has your speech been inappropriate?

On another note, I think the ICC staff is going to try to make it to this conference.


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So glad the video clip was helpful, and we would love for the whole ICC staff to attend the event. Let me know if there is anything we can do to serve you at the conference. Pray for us, that God would make a great name for himself through this event.

S. A.
Director of Events
Desiring God

Comment by Scott

aurum says: “that’s right on.”
i must agree. hilariously shocking at first but very helpful and true. can we be at your dinner table when you decide to teach this lesson to isaiah, lydia and nathan too?

Comment by SLaguna

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