My Mom : Journey’s newest and biggest fan
September 11, 2008, 9:41 pm
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The Original Band with lead singer Steve Perry

The Original Band with lead singer Steve Perry

So, after the birth of our third son, Nathan, on July 20, my parents came from California to help us through the transition. Usually, they stay for one month. However, this time around, they decided to stay almost two months (they are going to leave on 9/15). At first, I thought, “Wow, that’s going to be a great help!” But then, I found out the real reason : There’s a Journey concert on 9/12 down in Tinley Park. And my mom has backstage passes to meet the band!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Journey, they were a band from the 70’s and early 80’s that sang some classics like “Open Arms”, “Faithfully”, “Separate Ways”, and “Don’t Stop Believing”. The funny thing is, back then, my mom had no clue who they were.

Recently, however, she’s fallen in love with the band as they’ve begun to tour again. But here’s the twist that won her over : they have a new lead singer…And he’s FILIPINO! He’s Arnel Pineda, and his story is amazing : He was part of a cover band in the Philippines that had posted a number of their songs on YouTube, some of which were Journey songs. When Journey was looking for a new lead singer, they came across Arnel’s YouTube videos and ended up inviting him to the US to audition. When they heard him, he got the part instantly. And he simultaneously became a hero in the Philippines and among Filipinos here in America.

Well, the Journey concert in Tinley Park is tomorrow night (9/12). And the funny thing is, my mom and dad went to his hotel today (9/11) with a couple of their friends in order to bring him lunch! Here is a picture that she took with him :


Mom and Arnel the Rock Star

Mom and Arnel the Rock Star


I jokingly told my mom not to try to tear his shirt off…haha…

Anyway, the guy sounds amazing.  Check him out on YouTube by typing in “Journey” and “Arnel” into the search.  Then close your eyes and you’ll think you’re listening to the original Journey with Steve Perry.


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“Then close your eyes and you’ll think you’re listening to the original Journey with Steve Perry.”

Not likely, but he is good!

Comment by Sara

that’s so funny…i mean the last part of your “blog” tearing’s true indeed…’am of the same age as your mom.& dad.maybe??and was so “addicted” with AP/journey too..AP is amazing….

Comment by Phil McKee

Well Like your Mom,I am a solid Arnel/Journey fan now.I don’t know this band before,only when I heard about Arnel a Filipino cover Zoo band.I started to be addicted to him.I’m going to the concert in Shoreline Mountain View California.

Comment by Belen Leon-guerrero

awesome how tall is your mom? Arnel is leaning foward in the pic. ARNEL ROCKS!

Comment by Khan Tut

“I jokingly told my mom not to try to tear his shirt off…haha…”

the kind of last sentence that will leave you smiling

Comment by ted

I can relate with your mom. I’m 54 I came to the U.S. when Lights was a hit and Journey was so popular and I always love their songs. With Arnel Pineda my passion for their music was invigorated and my son loves it since I play Revelation all the time and he likes the tunes too specially Don’t stop believin’ . Can’t wait to see them back here in Northern Ca.

Comment by Jezebel

Reggie, how are you man? Journey was my favorite band growing up. I had so many of their albums. That’s hilarious about your parents. I feel close to them even though I’ve never met them!

Comment by Eddie Bang

That Arnel Pineda guy is really humble and cool!

How many rock stars can you visit at their hotel room during a tour and get them to entertain you and even pose for pictures with you? He deserves every bit of good luck and blessing going his way!

Comment by RAMSES

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